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Mind Over Misery

Whenever I tell people what I do it's often met with great curiosity. Most people are familiar with stage hypnosis and how hypnosis is portrayed in the movies, TV and even cartoons. Not surprisingly, the average person is under the impression that hypnotism is a form of mind control. If only! Believe me, if I had that kind of power, I'd never scrub another toilet.

 Hypnosis is basically a way to learn to use the power of your own mind to have more control over your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The mind without guidance tends to process nonsense causing us to suffer needlessly. Take the habit of worry. Worry is what we do when we create a story of our future predicting a negative outcome. Often the story is based on past disappointing and upsetting experiences. By running a distressing story consciously or subconsciously we make ourselves miserable.

So you might say that what I do as a hypnotist is I help people release misery.  Because of how we've been conditioned humans tend to hold on to misery, effectively storing it in the body and mind. Imagine that the body is like a container full of liquid and the liquid represents stored emotions like worry, fear, anger, shame, and sadness. This stuff can get backed up. A lifetime of distressing and painful experiences can literally weigh us down. It's no surprise then that weight loss is one of the top two issues people inquire about.
Although change is inevitable, our lack of ability to adjust to change creates stress. The tools I offer are useful for releasing stress and resolving a variety of emotional issues. Some typical challenges I help people overcome: job/career stress, relationship issues, divorce or break up, fears/phobias, habit control, anger management, weight goals and support with health issues.

Each hypnotist uses different processes according to his/her training, preferences, and creativity. I use a very effective combination of hypnotism and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Hypnotism is a deeply relaxed and focused state that allows a shift to occur around limiting attitudes and negative beliefs. EFT is a meridian based process that calms the nervous system and discharges the impact of painful past experiences. Together these tools interrupt unhelpful patterns that can keep us blocked from being our best self. 

People ask me why I do this work. It is an honor to help people release the weight of their stories and gratifying to witness them gain new freedom.

If you'd like to know more about how you might benefit from hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Techniques contact me by phone or email.


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