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Weighty Issues

As I've mentioned previously, weight is one of the top two issues people inquire about. It has been my privilege to have helped people achieve weight goals from 10 lbs to 100 lbs.  First and foremost,  hypnosis is about learning to use your mind to support a personal goal.  Thanks to movies and TV, the myth that causes the most confusion is that a hypnotist uses mind control to  make  you do something. Many people who contact me have the preconceived notion that I can  make  them stop overeating,  make  them exercise,  make  them stop smoking etc. What I actually do is help people minimize resistance to making changes that are in sync with their goals.  You might think of the reasons we resist making changes as "crossed wires". Somewhere along the way, our feelings inadvertently got connected to thoughts and beliefs that rub us the wrong way. It's natural to avoid discomfort so we resist or avoid.    Some examples of counterproductive thoughts and beliefs
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Mind Over Misery

Whenever I tell people what I do it's often met with great curiosity. Most people are familiar with stage hypnosis and how hypnosis is portrayed in the movies, TV and even cartoons. Not surprisingly, the average person is under the impression that hypnotism is a form of mind control. If only! Believe me, if I had that kind of power, I'd never scrub another toilet.  Hypnosis is basically a way to learn to use the power of your own mind to have more control over your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The mind without guidance tends to process nonsense causing us to suffer needlessly. Take the habit of worry. Worry is what we do when we create a story of our future predicting a negative outcome. Often the story is based on past disappointing and upsetting experiences. By running a distressing story consciously or subconsciously we make ourselves miserable. So you might say that what I do as a hypnotist is I help people release misery.  Because of how we've been c